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The Prolieve® Transurethral ThermoDilatation™ Therapy (TUTD™) offers a unique “Thermodilatation” treatment for symptoms of enlarged prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).Prolieve® is the ONLY patented and FDA approved Thermodilatation device on the market.

Prolieve® is a combination therapy simultaneously using Focused Microwave Heating together with Pressurized Balloon Dilatation therapy.

The unique combination treatment is a 45-minute, in-office, outpatient procedure which is performed and well-tolerated under local anesthesia.

Patients do not require a post treatment Foley catheter about 90% of the time. The majority of patients experience significant and immediate relief of their BPH symptoms.

Our Prolieve TUTD Advantages Over Other Minimally-Invasive BPH Therapies

Proven Immediate Symptom Relief & Long-Term Safety, Efficacy & Durability Yes
Appealing to Patients: Fewer Post-Treatment Catheterization Yes
No Foreign Bodies or Clips left within the Urinary Tract Yes
No Puncture of Prostatic Urethra to minimize Pain & Hemorrhage Yes
No/Minimal Sexual Side Effects (E.D. & Retrograde Ejaculation) Yes
Rectal Temperature Monitoring for Added Safety to the rectum & neurovascular bundles Yes
Our Experienced Technicians assist you in performing treatments in the Comfort of Your Office Yes

FDA Post Approval 5-Year Follow-up Study Completed & Accepted “Prevention of BPH Progression By Stabilizing PSA & Prostate Volume”

Post-Treatment Catheter-Free Rate 85%
Stabilization of BPH Symptoms 83% reported No Progression at Year 5
Erectile Dysfunction/Retrograde Ejaculation 0.3 per 100 person-years
Significant Improvement of Mean AUA Symptom Score Baseline = 20.1 vs. Year 5 = 12.8
Significant Improvement of Peak Flow Rate (Qmax) Baseline = 8.6 mL/s vs. Year 5 = 12.8 mL/s
Significant Improvement of Quality of Life (QOL) Score Baseline = 22 vs. Year 5 = 16


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