What Is BPH?

Frequently asked questions about Enlarged Prostate (BPH)

Q. Is BPH a type of cancer?
A. No, BPH is not a type of cancer.

Q. Who is a good candidate for treatment with the Prolieve™ System?
A. Men with moderate to severe BPH symptoms. Your doctor can discuss with you whether the Prolieve System Treatment is right for you.

Q. Will I continue to need to take my BPH medications after the Prolieve System Treatment?
A. As with any medication ask your doctor what regimen is appropriate for you. However, most patients are able to discontinue taking their BPH medications within a few weeks after the treatment.

Q. Will the Prolieve System Treatment affect my sexual function?
A. 99% of patients treated with the Prolieve System did NOT experience any form of erectile dysfunction following the treatment.

Q How soon will my symptoms improve?
A. All patients are different and the response to medical treatments will vary. However, many patients report noticeable BPH symptom improvement within 2 weeks after the treatment. Many patients in the clinical study* showed improvement in their AUA symptom scores within 2 weeks of their Prolieve System Treatment. Ask your doctor about his experience using the Prolieve System.

Q. Is the Prolieve System Treatment covered by Medicare?
A. Yes

*59/115 patients treated